Ptcl Speed Test

Ptcl Speed Test is best online tool to measure PTCL DSL speed. Difference between and other online tools is that our application is not build in flash. We make sure to provide you accurate speed results as Flash tools has more limitations and accuracy issues, browser dependency, flash versions etc. PTCL dsl internet or PTCL EVO, it gives you idea of what PTCL internet speed you are getting from PTCL internet service provider. We recommend when ever you start using your internet, do check your ptcl internet speed test.

Perform speed check PTCL and It allows users to remain connected on the move. PTCL EVO is wireless broadband solution for PTCL high speed internet access. It works on a 3G network and through EVO PTCL speed a standard of 300-500 Kbps download PTCL speed is read on average.

EVO is a superior 3G internet; it has the flexibility to roam liberally like never before, in more than hundred cities all over the nation. You can plug and play or work at home, in the office or anywhere in between with the supreme & amazing PTCL speed of up to 9.1Mbps, powered by the country’s biggest Wireless service provider; experience the progress of PTCL broadband revolution at its best.